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Commissioned Portrait (Digital only) - Up to 3 Humans/Cats/Pets

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Image of Commissioned Portrait (Digital only) - Up to 3 Humans/Cats/Pets

+Digital, printable file, no hardcopy+

Contact email: hellocvsh @ gmail.com

The commission includes:

The high-res digital file that you can download and print or make into your social media profile, etc...I usually make the overall size 8.5" x 11", but you can let me know what size you'd like if you're going to use your own printer.

If you'd like to add more cats or people, please refer to the "Add-on" options in the shop.

In your email, please include:
• FULL BODY photos of your pets so I can see their colors/markings
• Size comparison (which cat/pet is bigger, smaller, etc...)
• Eye + fur colors of the people/cat(s)/pet(s) in the drawing
• Height comparison, if there are multiple people
• Recipient + mailing address

Themed attire, such as wedding outfits, costumes, etc...are extra as they are a lot more work. People in portraits are usually drawn in casual attire. Please email me first if you have themed requests.

You can email me at hellocvsh @ gmail.com

***If possible, please do NOT send me filtered (note: Instagrammed) photos as this changes the color. I base the colors that I use off the photos.

If you are concerned for time, the high-res digital file is ready for printing as soon as you receive it via email. Domestic shipping usually arrives within a week, and international shipping usually arrives within two weeks, more or less.

Current average is a month.

• All commission work is for personal/non-commercial use only.
• Any changes/revisions AFTER drawings have been approved will be another transaction.